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How to choose Zigbee smart products?

How to build?

With the application of zigbee technology more and more widely, zigbee smart products are also more and more popular among people. However, people still wonder how to choose zigbe smart products that can match their requirements. In this article, Smart Cateyes will share some key points for selecting zigbee smart products.

Please see below diagram and learn how a smart devices connect to your smartphone.

About the Smart Gateway

In terms of the current consumer market, Zigbee technology is mainly used for the gateway and devices mentioned above diagram and "Zigbee" is just a network security protocol that only works if the smart gateway (hub) and smart device are equipped with this protocol at the same time.

There are many brands gateway with zigbee protocol in the market. Different brand have different APP control platforms. At present, the mainstream zigbee gateway brands on the market include Philips Hue, Samsung Smartthings,etc. And they use their own APP control platforms.However, the zigbee gateway developed by smartCateyes is based on the tuya APP platform and is more broadly compatible than the two previously mentioned brands.

About the Smart Devices

1. A ZLL protocol is also required for smart devices to use the gateway of Philips Hue.Therefore, if you already have this gateway at home, it is recommended to buy zigbee smart devices with ZLL protocol. Smartcateyes also has products that are compatible with this gateway, leave your message if you want to learn more.

2.For those smart devices to be compatible with the zigbee gateway of Samsung Smartthings,they must be able to be matched and controlled by their APPs. In order to meet the market demand, Smartcateyes has also developed a series of controllers compatible with this gateway.

3.Zigbee smart devices controlled by the Tuya APP have a relatively wide range of options and lower installation costs. All smart devices with the Tuya zigbee protocol can be controlled by purchasing a Tuya zigbee gateway and downloading a Tuya App. This are the main smart product develop and manufacturing by Smart Catyes.

In zigbee smart lighting, Smartcateyes will introduce a RGBW smart LED lamp, which is compatible with the smart gateway of philips Hue, tuya zigbee and samsung smartthings.

You are welcome to leave us message or send us email to learn more if interested of it.


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