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What is ZLL(Zigbee LIght Link)?

ZLL is short for zigbee Light Link, and zigbee is short for standard protocol based on IEEE 802.15.4.In April 2012, the zigbee Alliance launched ZigBee Light Link, set a common standard, through the global major lighting manufacturers to jointly develop, ZLL not only defines a lamp control application of advanced information transmission protocol, but also into a simple configuration mechanism, make consumers can be out of the box, the system configuration is as simple as push a button.

ZigBee's standard is handy and will be as simple to use as a regular dimmer switch.Bulbs, LED lamps, sensors, timers, remote controls and switches which using ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) do not require special devices to work with the home network.Users can easily complete the installation and add additional equipment to the home lighting network.As with all devices in the ZigBee portfolio, users can control ZigBee Light Link devices with internet-connected computers, tablets, and smartphones.


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